Length: 2 months, 6 months, or 9 months

Age Group: Leaders 18yrs+

Location: New York City

Our interships encourage the formation of a model life that is driven by the Gospel. We want to see God raise church planters, Godly marketplace leaders, and missionaries. For more info email:

New York GO Interns work with creativity, flexibility, initiative, resourcefulness, and resilience. Everything about our time together will cultivate those skills as you complete your assignments. Because we hate busywork and boredom, we promise interns meaningful work that will keep you on your toes.

Each intern must be:

  • Enrolled in good standing as an undergraduate or graduate student at a college/university and/or a stable working environment.
  • Available and committed to at least 2 months in the Summer (June/July), we also offer 6 month and 9 months internship.  
  • Flexible and able to work independently and as a member of a team.
  • Passionate about empowering young people and communities to lead

Areas of work:
Fieldwork and Organizing Interns work. Responsibilities may include:

  • Build and maintain relationships with churches and community organizations
  • Staff ministry locations
  • Assist task Force leaders
  • Provide feedback on program effectiveness and outcomes.

Communication and Marketing Interns help manage the New York GO brand and creatively develop content for print, social and multimedia campaigns. Responsibilities may include:

  • Find, follow, and fuel social media conversations regarding the Gospel
  • Leverage social media to mobilize existing and potential audiences around particular campaigns and projects
  • Tell great stories using various multimedia formats including social media and videos
  • Develop graphics and design for online and printed materials
  • Brainstorm and execute creative marketing strategies

Administration and Finance Interns are detail oriented and highly organized and help plan projects, events, and fundraising efforts. Responsibilities may include:

  • Record and distribute pertinent information.
  • Provide valuable input and feedback on overall organizational process.
  • Maintain a detailed outline of concurrent projects.
  • Gather and allocate key resources.
  • Schedule weekly meetings.
  • Maintain database information.