The Thanksgiving Food Distribution is an initiative of New York GO and CitiVision. During the month of November, we work with community partners and corporations to try to get as much food donated as possible. We then purchase food for whatever gap remains. For 2019, our goal is to raise $30,000 to cover the costs of food and transportation. We are planning to provide tote bags with: rice, beans, a whole chicken, and produce items: potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Our partners from our 12 sites gather together on the Friday before, and we sort all the food so each site gets the correct amount. Then, on that Saturday, each site distributes the food to the families that are in need. They also coordinate additional resources to provide during the event - things like clothing, kids games and crafts, music, prayer stations, blood pressure screenings, nutrition and legal advice, etc. This results in an incredible day of encouraging and meeting the needs of our community members.


Thanksgiving Food Distribution 2018