Uptown go green

Uptown Go Green is a collaborative vision for a NYC that is healthy in body and spirit. We desire to see lasting transformation in our neighborhoods that brings about physical and spiritual health.


Summer Markets

High school youth trained in our Future CEO program run Summer Markets, selling produce to the community in order to meet the need for affordable, nutritious food.

Summer Youth 2.JPG

Community Kitchen

As an outreach to the elderly, NYGO again utilizes high school youth to host a Community Kitchen for seniors in the neighborhood. They prepare healthy, nutritious meals; invite a nutritionist to communicate to the guests why they meal is nutritious, share a devotional, and partake in the meal together. They also provide health screenings and track health improvement over the course of the program.


Thanksgiving Food Distribution

Churches and community organizations come together to combat poverty during the Thanksgiving Season, providing each family with a tote bag of healthy food, an invitation to their local church, and personal contact as the families are prayed for and ministered to during the distribution.