Walter Sotelo |  | 401 West 205th Street New York, NY 10034 | 347-829-6946

Walter Sotelo | | 401 West 205th Street New York, NY 10034 | 347-829-6946

Rev. Walter Sotelo is an ordained pastor. He has served in full time ministry in NYC for the past 24 years alongside urban visionaries like Rev. Tom Mahairas, and most recently Dr. Rev. Tim Keller, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.
He has planted 3 churches in NYC and one in Paraguay South America. He is currently co-pastoring Uptown Community Church, a church that believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed everything through the costly grace of God.

Since 2010, Walter is the Executive Director of New York Gospel Outreach. As regional representative of Heart of a Champion Foundation, he has been at the front lines of innovating school support in NYC for the past 14 years and he has been vital to conceptualizing the citywide effort known as Thrive Collective, where he currently serves as Co-founder and Chairman of the Board. Trained in clinical pastoral care, he has responded to various natural disasters under American Red Cross (ARC) during hurricane Andrew in Florida, WTC 911 Terrorist Attack in NYC and in 2005 under U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) with Spiritual Support Team in the Gulf Coast destruction during Hurricane Katrina and most recently lead hundreds of volunteers in response and relief efforts during Hurricane Sandy. He actively serves as a Lead Chaplain with Disaster Chaplaincy Services in NYC.

Walter has been married to Victoria for 22 years.  Both are passionate about building healthy marriages and helping families in NYC. Their three children, Sophia (17), Luciano (12) and Layla (9) regularly join them in serving the city, as they seek to model a heart of compassion for the people who call NYC their home.