Who we are

New York GO is a church auxiliary established in New York City in 1986, with a mission to plant churches, equip ministry leaders, and renew the city with a wholistic approach to healthy living.

For over 30 years, New York Gospel Outreach (New York GO) has offered unique, cross-cultural missions trips in New York City with a focus on street evangelism and apologetics. 

We aim to:

1. Renew your passion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Refocus your mind on the great mission.

3. Reignite God's love for the World.

Why we exist

New York GO exists to raise a generation of Gospel-driven leaders!

I was so humbled to see the team shed sins before god in a way that can be so so scary. Confessing before others, but the compassion of each and every student and leader was incredible and brought me to tears. There was so much love and understanding. THAT is what the body of Christ should be.
— Amy, from Calvary Church PA,
It was great to see that in action when we shared the gospel with a man named “Abo” in Times Square. We showed him Ephesians 2:8-9 and it was cool to him get excited when he saw from Gods word that he did not have to work for his salvation, but that it was by grace
— Scott

5 Core Values:

  1. Solid teaching of the Word of God

  2. Anointed Worship

  3. Thick Community - Network/Mesh/Sequoia

  4. Bold Evangelism and Missions

  5. Vigorous Justice and Mercy