WALTER SOTELO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Instagram :: @walterlsotelo


Instagram :: @walterlsotelo

Walter Sotelo is an ordained pastor. He has served in full time ministry in NYC for the past 24 years alongside urban visionaries like Rev. Tom Mahairas, and most recently Dr. Rev. Tim Keller, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.
He has planted 2 churches in NYC and one in Paraguay South America. He is currently co-pastoring Uptown Community Church, a church that believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed everything through the costly grace of God.

Since 2010, Walter is the Executive Director of New York Gospel Outreach, an auxiliary organization to the Church dedicated to raise a Gospel driven generation offering short-term mission trips in NYC, church planting and leadership training. As regional representative of Heart of a Champion Foundation, he has been at the front lines of innovating school support in NYC for the past 10 years and he has been vital to conceptualizing the citywide effort known as Thrive Collective, where he currently serves as Co-founder and Chairman of the Board. Trained in clinical pastoral care, he has responded to various natural disasters under American Red Cross (ARC) during hurricane Andrew in Florida, WTC 911 Terrorist Attack in NYC and in 2005 under U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) with Spiritual Support Team in the Gulf Coast destruction during Hurricane Katrina and most recently lead hundreds of volunteers in response and relief efforts during Hurricane Sandy. He actively serves as a Lead Chaplain with Disaster Chaplaincy Services.

Walter and Victoria Sotelo are passionate about building healthy marriages and raising a gospel driven generation in New York City. Their three children, Sophia (15), Luciano (11) and Layla (7) regularly join them in serving the city, as they seek to model and transfer a heart of compassion for this amazing city and the multicultural people who call it home.

STUART CHADBAN instagram :: @stuart_chadban


instagram :: @stuart_chadban

Stuart is a devoted husband and father, who lives with an apostolic gifting over his life. Stuart has the anointing to transform any space or gathering, into a supernatural encounter, as the Holy Spirit is ushered in and hosted. Stuart is sensitive to the prophetic spirit and leads worship encounters.

Stuart is a man of high integrity who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience when he speaks, that is fascinating and inspiring. The depth of his testimony is compelling and moves others to surrender before God, like never before. He is an entertaining story teller, and shares experiences with passion and conviction.

Stuart has been involved in leadership of church planting for 16 years. He has established leadership gifting both within the church and also the corporate financial world.

God has a calling over Stuart's life, to minister into New York City. This calling has required Stuart to lay down all of his worldly riches and gains, but has qualified him to co-labor with God in something that will change the landscape of the city and beyond.


JODY CHADBAN Instagram :: @jcblonde


Instagram :: @jcblonde

Jody is a loving wife and mother, who faces each day with a faith that can move mountains. She is determined to live life to the full and empower everyone she encounters to never settle with anything less than God's above and beyond.

Jody has been in leadership in church planting for the past 16 years, and in 2013 followed the call of God to live and minister in the heart of Manhattan. Jody has an incredible testimony of the faithfulness of God and the blessings that come with audacious faith in action. She has been refined in the fire, and has allowed the Holy Spirit to enlarge her capacity, understanding and love. 

Jody is a passionate bible teacher and speaker, and loves pouring out to others when speaking. She released her first book 'Make Mine Prada’ in New York City with a message that is deeply entwined into the heartbeat of God for women and girls everywhere. 

Jody continues to step out each day, with the mandate of doing whatever it takes, to fill wherever she is, with the very real and powerful presence of God.