The Task

Of the 6000+ spoken languages in the world, 4000 people groups are in Bible Poverty with little or no Scripture in their language.

10 Bible translation agencies, collectively illumiNations, have been meeting monthly for 8 years. They believe that by collaborating with the global church, this can be accomplished by 2033.

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The Need

We want to see every language and people group receive access to the Bible in our lifetime.

The goal of this initiative is to have churches in Metro NYC resource 300,000 verses of Scripture from 2018 thru 2020.

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The Challenge

We want to see one hundred or more churches adopt and invest $35 per verse in 2018 to bring the Gospel to a people group in Bible poverty. This number will grow over time to see 300 churches participating by 2019 and 500 churches by 2020.

The 2018-2020 Timeline

In 2018, we plan to see 75,000 verses translated from NYC area churches

In 2019, we plan to see another 100,000 verses translated from NYC area churches

In 2020, we plan to see 125,000 more verses translated from NYC area churches


Physical Poverty


Currently there is great need for emergency food in the Washington Heights/Inwood community with 27% living below the poverty line. Sixty percent suffer from being overweight or obese and 10% from diabetes.  Good nutritional food is needed and often not affordable.


In response to this need, Pastor Walter Sotelo organizes and mobilizes various community partners and local churches in partnership with residents, businesses, schools, and other community organizations through a healthy communities initiative called “Uptown Go Green”. 


We are asking for you to pledge an additional $15 that will go directly to providing families good nutritional food through Uptown Go Green.


How much money are we asking for?

We are asking for you to pledge $50 to go towards the mission of ending bible poverty and physical poverty around the world.

What does your donation go towards?

With a donation of $50, $35 will go directly to translating a bible verse into the Colombian Sign Language. The remaining $15 will go towards providing food to 3000 families in physical poverty in NYC through an organization called Uptown Go Green.

How you can give?

You can give to the campaign HERE. If you wish to use a check, please make it out to illumiNations. illumiNations will provide reports on the progress of the languages being translated.